511 Omaha Ave. Clovis, CA 93619  559-225-9283





TB = Todd Beamer Field

Game Time Game #1 - 4:00 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #2 - 5:30 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #3 - 7:00 PM Kick Off

SLO = SLO Field

All Games Played at 7:00 PM

Date Home Away Field Game #
2/4/2011 Bullard Buchanan TB 2
  Clovis Clovis West TB 3

SLO Roosevelt SLO

2/18/2011 Clovis Bullard TB 3

SLO Clovis West SLO

Roosevelt Buchanan TB 2

2/25/2011 Bullard Clovis West TB 1

Buchanan SLO TB 3

Clovis Roosevelt TB 2

3/4/2011 Bullard SLO TB 3

Buchanan Clovis TB 1

Clovis West Roosevelt TB 2

3/11/2011 Roosevelt Bullard TB 2

Buchanan Clovis West TB 1

Clovis SLO TB 3

3/18/2011 Buchanan Bullard TB 2

Clovis West Clovis TB 1

Roosevelt SLO TB 3

3/25/2011 Bullard Clovis TB 1

Clovis West SLO TB 3

Buchanan Roosevelt TB 2

4/1/2011 Clovis West Bullard TB 3

SLO Buchanan SLO

Roosevelt Clovis TB 2

4/8/2011 SLO Bullard SLO

Clovis Buchanan TB 3

Roosevelt Clovis West TB 2

4/15/2010 Bullard Roosevelt TB 2

Clovis West Buchanan TB 3

SLO Clovis SLO

Welcome to the Central California Rugby Foundation!

Home of Rugby in Central California


Central California Rugby Foundation members are dedicated to expanding  knowledge of Rugby Union to youth girls and boys under 10, under 12, Jr. High and Senior High School students throughout the Central Coast and Central Valley of California.


Through the sport of rugby our organization is dedicated to developing children and young adults who can lead, persevere, overcome adversity and function as productive students, team members, club members and citizens. Ensure positive character building from  physical challenges and tough sport competition. Rugby will teach  students positive sportsmanship. We will encourage continued education and introduce students to the international relations that are fostered by the sport of rugby.