511 Omaha Ave. Clovis, CA 93619  559-287-7024





TB = Todd Beamer Field

Game Time Game #1 - 4:00 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #2 - 5:30 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #3 - 7:00 PM Kick Off

SLO = SLO Field

All Games Played at 7:00 PM

Date Home Away Field Game #
2/4/2011 Bullard Buchanan TB 2
  Clovis Clovis West TB 3

SLO Roosevelt SLO

2/18/2011 Clovis Bullard TB 3

SLO Clovis West SLO

Roosevelt Buchanan TB 2

2/25/2011 Bullard Clovis West TB 1

Buchanan SLO TB 3

Clovis Roosevelt TB 2

3/4/2011 Bullard SLO TB 3

Buchanan Clovis TB 1

Clovis West Roosevelt TB 2

3/11/2011 Roosevelt Bullard TB 2

Buchanan Clovis West TB 1

Clovis SLO TB 3

3/18/2011 Buchanan Bullard TB 2

Clovis West Clovis TB 1

Roosevelt SLO TB 3

3/25/2011 Bullard Clovis TB 1

Clovis West SLO TB 3

Buchanan Roosevelt TB 2

4/1/2011 Clovis West Bullard TB 3

SLO Buchanan SLO

Roosevelt Clovis TB 2

4/8/2011 SLO Bullard SLO

Clovis Buchanan TB 3

Roosevelt Clovis West TB 2

4/15/2010 Bullard Roosevelt TB 2

Clovis West Buchanan TB 3

SLO Clovis SLO

DONORS & Sponsors

The Bertha & John Garabedian Foundation-Thank you for over $19,000 in donations to date!

Physicians Imaging LP-Thank you for your financial support for youth rugby!  

Royal Rugby Boot Company- Thank you for providing discounts on boots for youth rugby players!

Athletic Performance-Fresno- Thank you for providing discount sports performance training to our high school and youth rugby players! 




Thank you to our Fresno Old Boys Donors: Bruce Kapp, Neil Angelillo, Jeff "Spud" Annis, Rich Graham, Mike O'Connell, and Don "Kona" Kandarian. 

Thank you to the following sponsors of our clubs and teams: 
Sante Community Physicians  TAPP Trucking  Sassano's  David G Edwards